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The Ktletaccete are the direct children of Jenifer and Eh. They include members from all three subsystems, the Dragons, the Girls, and the Id Monsters.

The word "Ktletaccete" comes from one of our constructed languages, Fenekere, and means "the Children of Eh". In our fictional mythology, written before we consciously knew we were plural, Eh is the name of the creator deity and the Ktletaccete are their children, also known as the Dragon People. In that mythology, the Ktletaccete are the gods of the Arts. All arts, including Arts like the Art of Garbage Collecting and the Art of Asking Irritating Questions. And in reality, we're very much like that in our system.

Each one of us has a special interest and a set of skills associated with it that we're better at than anyone else in the system. Some of the eldest of us do seem to have multiple special interests, with accompanying skill sets, though.

Even the Liaisons could be said to follow this model, but since they are a very specialized group and direct descendants of Akailea, they are not considered Ktletaccete and are listed separately.

Known Ktletaccete