From The Inmara

The vast majority of our population start as Liaisons. Akailea considers them to be her children, decended from her, and has a special connection to each one that let's her recognize them.

A Liaison is essentially a system member generated to learn about and remember everything about any person, animal, or fictional character we meet. It seems that any sufficient amount of notable characteristics to create a schema for what our brain recognizes as a personality, the kind of schema that normally exists in a person's psyche to help them recognize another person or animal, is given its own will, conscious awareness, and stream of long term memories. This even includes vehicles that have been anthropomorphized in some way, such as being referred to with personalized pronouns and showing quirky behavior. Every Liaison has the ability to front and to grow into their own person through interactions in our subconscious.

The minimum stimuli needed to create liaison turns out to be a quick, corner of the eye glance. Just enough to pick out an outfit, a posture, a manner of movement, and/or a face. And having spent a day counting such impressions, we easily meet the requirements to generate on average 227 liaisons a day.

For the list below, we have included the Liaisons who have fronted or shown themselves on the Bridge in the last three years. We know of many others who have certainly been around in previous years, but really only want to provide a sample of what we tend to expect. In this list are also regular crew members including some of the Senior Officers. Some of them have outgrown their dedication to their namesakes and altered their names, sometimes very early in their lives - such as in the case of Spitfire, who very briefly was a liaison to Gorebash but diverged from that job and took on their new identity the very day they were born, leaving the slot open for their sibling to remain focused on Gorebash.

Regular Bridge Crew Liaisons

Example of banter between our liaisons for the Warners, using PluralKit on Discord to facilitate it.