From The Inmara
Portrait of how Akailea sees herself inworld (she/her)

Akailea is our oldest witch, residing in the back of the lefthand side of our counsciousness, among the Girls, of which she is one.

Role in the System

Akailea's primary role is in the generation of Liaisons. She is among the members who are in charge of visualizing things, and something that she does regarding that is so integral to creating Liaisons that she considers herself their mother.

In fact, she has such a strong connection to all of them through that process, since they all come from her, that she knows all of them, and can tell the rest of us whether someome is a Liaison or not, even if they've grown far beyond their namesake.

Earliest Memories

Akailea's earliest memories are of working inworld with Benejede, Gesetele, and Morde to find and invite Phage into the system. Which happened when we were two years old. After that, her memories are spotty and include a lot of daydreaming, particularly after watching TV shows and movies, or while reading books.

She got her name, when, at 19 years old we played a game of Amber in which Jenifer played an Amberite who credited her abilities to her doll that she carried around with her. Later, we embellished on Akailea's mythology for her place amongs the Dragon People (the Ktletaccete).

We didn't realize she was a headmate and capable of fronting, and didn't really feel her presence until after we came out as plural in 2016.

Self Image

Although we describe her as a witch trapped in a doll in our stories, she does not experience herself that way in our head or when she's fronting. Mostly, she feels like she has our actual body, just older.

And, although she identifies as a witch, she doesn't practice magic outside of our system. To her, the way she constantly gives birth to new liaisons is her magic, and she's very proud of it.


Akailea really keeps to herself and her Children.


Because she is so involved with being a mother to our enormous Liaison population, she really doesn't contribute to anything else. She has made short appearances in some of our stories, but we've almost always felt like we were writing about her from third person experience, unlike most of the rest of us who come forward to contribute to our writing.