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portrait of Jenifer

Jenifer is the eldest member on the Girls' side of our brain. She is the twin of Eh and has a separate set of memories of their earliest experiences growing up. When we asked the Auditor how many system members were born in the system, it said 2. When asked if it was counting itself, it said "no". So, with these bits of knowledge, we know that Jenifer and Eh were our original two system members.

Since Kindergarten, Jenifer has retreated to her headspace and resided that for most of our life. She still finds it overwhelming to leave it for any extended period of time. Our senses are all more intense and vibrant for her.

Jenifer in her headspace with Ink visiting.

She did begin to resurface in sixth grade, after we first realized that we were collectively also a girl as well as a dragon and not actually a boy at all. She tried on various names, discarding them when they didn't feel right and in the process creating other girls in our system with those names, who are essentially her daughters. She chose Jenifer by the end of High School when we played a role playing game and made a character soecifically for her to play. In the process of making that character, we also identified Akailea (mother of the Liaisons) and gave her her name. In that game, Akailea was a doll that Jenifer carried around and gave credit to for her own magical powers. In our system, both Jenifer and Akailea predate that and Akailea is one of Jenifer's daughters.

Jenifer has since left management and representation of her side of our brain to Anne the Girl who eventually married Eh in a ceremony to unite the two subsystems in partnership. Anne, however, also prefers to remain in her headspace most of the time and lets Brenna and Morde do most of the fronting and Captaining work.

Also, a couple years after we gave Jenifer and Akailea their names, we wrote a short story about Jenifer and her imaginary friend Ink. This generated Ink as a headmate who then wrote that story in first person. After that, both Jenifer and Ink featured prominently in our comics Harmless Free Radicals and Epic of Sally Robertson, and would both front regularly if briefly to write their parts.