From The Inmara
Portrait of Brenna (she/her)

Brenna is an older member of the Girls system, having been around since early to mid childhood. She has been central to our group identity in our we present ourselves to the outer world.

Role in the System

Brenna is one of our singers, and in our fictional mythology had been identified as the Artist of Singing. However, her more practiced skills are in visual arts, focusing on composition, color, and using pencil and paint as media.

Earliest Memories

Some of her earliest memories are of playing makebelieve that she was a wolf cub following us around during our paper route the summer after fifth grade. We would visualize where she was external to our body, much as we had done for Spitfire in previous years. And now Brenna remembers those moments as if she could see us from that outside perspective. We expect these are memories of her using her imagination to visualize what that would be like. This practice is probably why she is good at composition, though she is also in close proximity to other girls who are particularly good at visualization.

We didn't name her or give her a human face until July of 2000 when we drew the first page of Harmless Free Radicals, and though we suspected we did not realize she was a headmate until 2016 when we came out to ourselves as plural. But she was one of the first to come forward after that.

Self Image

Brenna sees herself as two inches shorter than our vessel, with thick coal black hair. She occasionally has pointy ears, that become more prominent with strong emotions. She also identifies as a werewolf or wolfgirl.

She sees herself as an adult and a mothering type, if a bit hands off-ish. She considers herself a painter and a hiker, and enjoys walking around our old neighborhood in the afternoon or near sunset.


Brenna is partnered romantically with Gesedege, our graphic designer, and works closely with them Eh and Fenmere to create any of our visual artwork.


Brenna has been one of the stars of Harmless Free Radicals and Epic of Sally, but she works on any visual art project we do, no matter how small.