From The Inmara
Portrait of Fenmere, the Worm, Author of Harmless Free Radicals and Epic of Sally (she/her)

Although Fenmere has a strong draconic body map, she is one of the Id Monsters, has very strong emotional connections to Phage to a degree that is almost a shared identity, and surfaces only on the Girls' side of our psyche.

She is a very old headmate, and central to our core identity as a system. As such, she has multiple Arts, and strong connections to several creative teams of headmates whom she regularly works closely with. She tends to act as Captain most often when we are writing poetry, fiction, or scripts, or when we are drawing comics. She takes the Front in order to ink and letter our comics, and also likes to front while Breq is Captain in order to host tables at conventions or manage the Bellingham School of Comics, or to speak in front of crowds to talk about our comic projects.

She has been the face of our poetry, comics, and blogging since 1995, and has recently stepped aside since our transition to take a break and reconnect to her own original identity.

We had been signing much of our work under her name, but using "he/him" for pronouns. So, upon transition, she took a back seat more often to reduce dysphoria from that association and memories.

Also, she seems to have been affected particularly hard by our autistic burnout and work related PTSD triggers, and has enjoyed her recovery inworld, fronting now only to ink and letter projects we do for ourselves.

She still finds inking and lettering to be extremely soothing and rewarding.