Id Monsters

From The Inmara

Our Id Monsters are a smaller group of headmates who inhabit the center of our psyche and report far less social dysphoria than either the Dragons or the Girls. They are evenly divided between being right handed and left handed and can each seem to switch which eye is dominant. We think they reside in or very near the limbic system and surrounding central structures of our brain. They universally identify their gender as demigirl, sort of a cross between dragon and girl but leaning toward agender and definitely a separate gender from the others. They get their name, the Id Monsters, from the roles they tend to play in our system. To a monster, they act to represent and defend our more basic emotional and sensory needs, anything we've been consciously neglecting that our whole system otherwise requires.

For instance, Phage was instrumental in helping us recognize and address our physical dysphoria, which we had been ignoring until we finally came out as trans.

List of Prominant Id Monsters

List of Subsystems

  • Left Hemisphere: Dragons
  • Right Hemisphere: Girls
  • Limbic System: Id Monsters