From The Inmara
Portrait of Benejede (they/them)

Benejede is one of the Id Monsters who surfaces on the Dragons side of our psyche. They consider themselves a Child of Eh, and date back to when pur body was two years old, at least.

Their Art is Pattern Visualization and Prediction. In our mythology, we have called them the Storyteller, but what they do is observe patterns, regardless of how complex or in what media, and work to predict what will come next. They are also good at filling holes or missing sections of a pattern. This includes puzzles, stories, music, historical events, dialogue, lyrics, landscapes, maps, and even our own psyche itself. They are known for making prophetic feeling predictions that turn out to be spookily accurate.

They most often work very closely with Gesetele, the Hunter, to recognize and find puzzle pieces or small items that have been lost in grass or gravel.

They also can do a fairly decent imitation of Tom Waits, especially after we have been listening to his music for a while. And they like to use that impersonation to tease Jedekere, who has a celebrity crush on Tom Waits.