From The Inmara

Gesetele is one of our oldest Dragons, playing a major role in the effort to identify Phage and invite it into our system at the age of two and a half. We originally named her Ghost Owl when we first wrote our myth at 19 years old that echoed that event. In that myth, Gesetele shot a hole in the sky during a bet with Benejede that she could not hit the morning star with her arrow. In reality, all she did was identify that in the outworld which matched the description that Benejede gave her, and then sent Morde to retrieve. Because of this, Morde is sometimes known as the Arrow of Gesetele, but usually only when Gesetele is fronting. Gesetele gained her final name when we created our language Fenekere, and she was given one of the root words as one of the original Ktletaccete.

Role in the System

Gesetele has been known as The Hunter, in fact this is what her name means in Fenekere. Historically, she has always worked very closely with Benejede. Where Benejede's Art is extrapolating information from large sets of data and visualizing the characteristics of missing pieces of data such as puzzles and even predicting the future, Gesetele's Art is taking Benejede's descriptions of such missing things and finding them.

In other words, when we look at a puzzle, Benejede will figure out what a missing piece of the puzzle should look like, and Gesetele will find that piece with high accuracy amongst the collection of other pieces. When she is awake and alert, we will make very few errors with this activity. She is also good at doing this kind of thing in other instances. Her strongest suit is in using our sense of vision, however she can also work in the abstract, especially when doing inworld work.

Earliest Memories

Gesetele's earliest memory (and ours of her) are of receiving the description of what turned out to be Phage from Benejede and identifying its existence. It is unclear if Phage actually existed outside of our system and was invited in, or if we just perceived it to be that way and we were just connecting to a previously dissociated part of our psyche. Science would tend to favor the later, but all of our memories and senses of identity describe the former.

Self Image

Gesetele usually sees herself as being in human form, and relates pretty strongly to Amanda Tapping, especially as she played her role of Samantha Carter in the T.V. show SG1. Not so much as what some people call a face claim, but more like a celebrity role model who closely resembles her.

However, she does have a draconic form which none of us can recall witnessing while inworld. Occasionally Gesetele has fronted while visualizing herself as a dragon, so we know she has wings, tail, claws, horns, and a general draconine shape, but we don't know the details or coloration of her appearance, and neither does she.


Gesetele has shared our friendship with a couple of outworld friends, and interacted with them while fronting. A few know who she is. However it isn't accurate to say that she has a relationship with anyone outside of simply representing the system at large. She has also spent time with our mother and our grandmother solving puzzles, though she remains quiet while Benejede brags about her work.

As stated above, Gesetele is very close to Benejede and Morde and works with the two of them quite often. She also has a casual friendship with Fenmere, Gesedege, Gnargrim, Breq, and a few others she has regularly shared the Bridge with.


So far, Gesetele only appears in The Mythos of the Ktletaccete, however she may make an appearance in The Sunspot Chronicles. Besides that, she usually involves herself in a myriad of small, short term puzzle solving projects and games. She has also played a large role in performing work at the various jobs we've held throughout our life, as recognizing and finding patterns is an extremely necessary skill for tasks from proofreading to light assembly and graphic design.