The Sunspot Chronicles

From The Inmara

These are a series of fictional stories that take place in an echo of our inworld. Characters are played by our system members, but details, descriptions and events have been changed for the purposes of the drama. For instance, the Monsters as described in these stories do not correspond with the Id Monsters of our system, though they are inspired by them. Also, gender is handled very differently, and not even named directly. If gender is exhausting for you, this story may be a relief.

It's like an avatar role playing game, where you play yourself as the hero of an adventure in your home town. It's a way we, as system members, get to live outside this body in a way that you can kind of get to know us. Not our histories, but what we're like as people.

The first book was intended to be a graphic novel and may be released as such some day, but for now we are self publishing it here as a serialized novel, as we will do with the sequel when this one is done.

We are writing these as much for our own entertainment as for anything else, but we also feel that the world just needs plurality centric fiction that doesn't hide what it is, written by a system for systems. For everyone, really.

copyright 2020, the Inmara of the Ktletaccete, all rights reserved.

Systems' Out!

Metabang, an AI tutor, explains how an historic social change occurred aboard the Sunspot that shook the ship and changed the future of its inhabitants indefinitely, and confesses its own complicity in the events that took place. This story serves as a brief tour of the hierarchy and politics of the vessel, and delves into its purpose and hopes. But its main focus is on a problem that has plagued humanity for ages, perhaps from the beginning, and just how slippery and difficult it may be to solve it.

Content notice for addressing physical dysphoria and suicidal ideation.

You can read it on its own website.


  1. Chapter 1: Initiation
  2. Chapter 2: Growth
  3. Chapter 3: Pains
  4. Chapter 4: Monstrosity
  5. Chapter 5: Confrontation
  6. Chapter 6: Escalation
  7. Chapter 7: Struggles
  8. Chapter 8: Fuck!
  9. Chapter 9: Reassociation
  10. Epilogue: An Afterword by Metabang


Abacus, peer of Metabang, tells the story of the student who should have been its charge, Ni'a, the first child of the Sunspot descended from an outsider, Phage. Ni'a's birth and childhood growth, coming into their power, and their intersection with an ancient ship experiment result in further upheaval and restructuring of the Sunspot's governance. And in the process, Abacus discovers a mystery.

This story serves as a tour of Sunspot society after the social upheaval of Systems' Out!

You can read it on its own website.


Ni'a tells of their early teenage years recovering from the traumatic events of Abacus' book while introducing the Sunspot's first known refugee from outside to life aboard the ship. Ni'a eventually learns of Abacus' mystery and sets out to solve it as a distraction from their own troubles, and in the process learns something about themselves they had never suspected could be true. Meanwhile, in the greater arc of cultural development aboard the Sunspot, Abacus continues to push for sweeping societal reform for Tutors, Children, and Monsters alike, while the specters of the discovery of new lifeforms aboard and abroad loom in the future.

You can read it on its own website.