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Portrait of Morde (she/her)

Morde is one of our witches, on the Girls' side of our brain but nestled right up against the Id Monsters. Like Akailea, her magic mostly applies to her in-system roles, though sometimes it feels like it draws on outside forces.

Role in the System

Morde is our Wayfinder. She also acts as courier within the system.

How we think this works is that through her proximity to the Id Monsters (or perhaps by secretly being on herself, she has access to communication channels that everyone uses, or she's simply a headmate whose dendrites reach to wider areas of the rest of our brain. Being in the right hemisphere, this latter theory would match the tendency of neurons in her locale.

So, not only can she facilitate communication between otherwise dissociated headmates, but she can also poll everyone for how they are feeling and what their needs are (something that Phage also does).

But while Phage uses this ability to come to the Bridge and vocalize needs consciously, Morde uses it to direct us in making directional or proceedural decisions.

If those of us on the Bridge Crew pay attention, we can feel her feeding us urges to do things. These urges come distinctly from her, and amount to an emotional response to an option that feels like, "this is the most harmonious thing to do next."

And, usually, when we follow her directions we end up happier and experiencing better results. And if we ignore her, things seem to go wrong.

Basically, she acts as a comduit for our intuition.

Earliest Memories

Morde's earliest memories are of reaching through a hole in our inworld space to some sort of outside realm to call upon Phage and invite it into our system, at the direction of Akailea.

After that, most of her more available memories are of going for walks or trying to find our mom in a grocery store after getting lost.

Self Image

Morde sees herself alternately as a 4'6" tall, slightly built girl with mid length dark wavy hair, or as a woman with a body more like our vessel's but with a face and hair as depicted in the drawing above.

She is a bit of an age slider.


Morde is deeply in love with Tetcha, whom she considers her partner, and they have been disgustingly cute together. Their song is "So Far Away" by Mary Lambert.


Both Morde and Tetcha are playing themselves, with somewhat different appearances, in our comic Systems' Out! and in its sequel novel.

Previously, Morde played herself as a changleling witch in a Pathfinder game, where she got her name.