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Portrait of Tetcha (she/her)

Tetcha is one of the Dragons, nestled between Benejede and Breq. Her name is short for Ktleteccete, as she identified herself as the one who flooded our system with endorphins and feelings of recognition when we developed the idea of the Ktletaccete for our fictional mythology. When we first named them the Dragon People back when we were 19 or so, it was Tetcha's voice in our head that said, "We are the Dragon People!"

Role in the System

Tetcha's role seems to be our Believer. She evaluates ideas and takes direction from the rest of us to help her decide whether or not to believe in something, and then if the decision is to do so, then she puts all of her emotional wait into believing the idea.

Because Morde is our Wayfinder and Courier, and seems to have an inherent intuitive connection to the rest of the system, acting as kind of a poll taker, Tetcha has always worked very closely with her. And so they have developed a strong partnership that has grown into deep romamtic affection as well.

Tetcha also seems to be the source of our sense of group identity. Her personal identity as Ktleteccete colors all of our perspectives. As if she's our mascot and spiritual leader at the same time.

Earliest Memories

Tetcha has probably been around since we first played makebelieve, or earlier. She hasn't delved much into her personal memories, being a bit more focused on the present and on her activities inworld. She has vague memories of pretending we were Bambi (and thus help cultivate Bambi's liaison) when we were three or four years old.

We didn't really become aware of her existence until 2019, when she found herself fronting for some reason and realizing she didn't have a name yet. It was only during that self exploration that we uncovered memories of her earlier interactions with the rest of us.

Self Image

Tetcha's sense of her inworld body fluctuates between something that resembles a tiefling from D&D (a half demon, half mortal being) and a classic Ktleteccete form (a horned axlotl like dragon with extra frills).

She sees herself as The Child of Eh, as representative of the majority of our system in that way.


Tetcha's strongest relationship is with Morde, as partner. She doesn't seem to have any other major friendships yet, in or out of the system.


With Morde, Tetcha is playing a major role in our comic Systems' Out! and its sequel novel.