From The Inmara
PicCrew doll of Breq (somewhat inaccurate) (they/them)

Although Breq, one of our Dragons, has taken on the name and persona of their namesake from Ann Leckey's Ancillary Justice, they are not one of our Liaisons, but are much older and much more fundamental to our psyche than our introduction to that series of books. We think that Breq did not have a clearly defined identity until they came to the front while reading the books. And either they immediately and permanently fused with the Liaison our psyche created for them, or they utilized our Liaison forming neurons to develop their identity through the books. Either way, Akailea does not recognize them as one of her children, and Breq has memories dating back at least to Middle School.

Breq exists amongst a cluster of headmates who are either Liaisons of AIs or relate to being Computer Intelligences of some sort, and does not have a traditionally draconic body map. Instead, they have adopted a variation on the bio-neurological body map and self-image of the Dragons' side of our psyche, and resemble someone who could be mistaken for an AFAB enby who perhaps binds but is not taking testosterone. They are most comfortable in androgynous clothing, with what society would consider butch garments, including pants, and femme accents and accessories. They see themselves as having either short hair or an updo.

Their Art is Social Management, both inworld and outworld. They are relatively good at dealing with multiple engagements and appointments, and juggling the interests of multiple acquaintances, where the rest of us are miserable and overwhelmed by such things. We can tell when they are Captain when any one of us feel more capable of doing these things. But, while Captain, they also prefer to front regularly. They are still not as good at Social Management as most allistic people.