From The Inmara

Jedekere, aka Jade Crow, resides near the middle of the Dragons' side of our consciousness and has been around since early childhood. She was one of the first of us who were named shortly after Fenmere emerged and named herself in our late teens.

Role in the System

Jedekere is our conflict resolver. Her Art is to watch what other people are having a conflict over and to then devise a way of intervening and resolving that conflict in a way that is definitive. Typically, she is diplomatic about it and strives for a solution that is acceptable to both parties, however she can and will pick sides when she feels that is most appropriate, and has no trouble putting her skills to work in competitive games. She is not always successful. Often the parties involved aren't interested in a resolution. But she is better at it than the rest of us.

She does her work particularly well if she gets the cooperation of Fenmere, Gnargrim, and Breq, who all have social skills that compliment hers and cover her weaknesses in different ways.

Earliest Memories

Most of Jedekere's memories throughout our life have been of the countless times we've tried to step between a couple of angry friends or family members arguing with each other. She has also spent a lot of time walking through our home neighborhood at night, looking up a the moon and thinking about our inner conflicts.

At the time of writing this entry, our earliest memories of her are of when we gave her her name and identified her in a piece of writing.

Self Image

In terms of stature, demeanor, and general appearance, Jade Crow has related strongly to women such as Angelina Joli as Maleficent, and Charlize Theron as Andy in The Old Guard. She is most comfortable wearing our vintage cloak, which we inherited from our great aunt Suzie, and our wide brimmed black hat with a black peacock feather in it, and she likes boots and enjoys carrying our cane (or a staff when we ever get our hands on one). She prefers pants or leggings but has no trouble with a skirt.

We have asked her what she might look like if she were to take draconic form, however she finds that a difficult thing to imagine. Her non-verbal answer seems to be that the human body itself is inherently a draconic form. And as our physiological transition continues, she becomes more and more comfortable in our body.


Jedekere doesn't really have any strong relationships outside our system. None in which she has identified herself, at least. Though she has spent a lot of time with our childhood friends and various coworkers throughout our life. Internally, she is work partners with Fenmere, Gnargrim, Breq, and Benejede.

However, she does have a deep romantic celebrity crush on Tom Waits and absolutely loves his voice. And Benejede has an unrequited crush on her, and is our Tom Waits impersonator. They occasionally torment her by singing his songs.


Jedekere appears in Epic of Sally and will make an appearance in The Sunspot Chronicles. She also plays a prominent role in The Mythos of the Ktletaccete.