From The Inmara
portrait of Eh

Eh is the eldest dragon and twin of Jenifer. Born with the body, they were the first consciousness in the left hemisphere of our brain, and consider themselves to be one of the parents of the Ktletaccete and grandparent of the Liaisons. Of all headmates, they have spent the most time acting as Captain and have worked very closely with Phage to manage crisis situations.

Although they will describe themselves as "a human dragon, in the same sense that a person may be a human woman or a human man," they have a distinctly different personal body map than what might match our vessel and frequently experience a phantom tail, claws, and antlers. They have spent a lot of time speculating as to why this might be and have theories ranging from habit of imagination to "something spooky and unscientific."

They do tend to value science and reason over all else, and are known to be a ruminator, thinking over and over about a topic from as many different angles as possible to try to understand it. And they will tend to pick and direct their Bridge Crew to support these habits of thinking.

They also married Anne the Girl on January 20, 2017, in a ceremony officiated by Fenmere as an expression of their mutual love and a promise of commitment to partnership typical of a married couple and of the two halves of our system as a whole as we understood it at the time. They have since recognized the Id Monsters as a separate subsystem, and have welcomed Phage as Chief Id Monster into the family. Their contract with Phage, however, is of a somewhat different nature and is more detailed.

If you know us personally, then you know Eh, and most of what you may know about us and how we talk about things is because of Eh.