From The Inmara
Portrait of Gesedege (they/them)

Gesedege very likely began as one of the Jonathans and is an older member of the Dragons system. They are still a fairly regular member of the Bridge Crew, and used to act as one of the Captains.

Role in the System

Gesedege is our Graphic Designer. They are particularly good at using the Adobe suit of software and at laying our text and graphics in a readable and visually pleasing way. They also know how to make files print ready, and are pretty good at presenting a professional front in an office or convention setting.

They are also quite goodat drawing with pencil.

Earliest Memories

Gesedege's earliest identifiable memories are of being praised for drawing in fifth grade, and of visualizing the presence of Brenna during our paper route. They may be older than that, with flashes of memories of books our parents read to us when we were four.

We first started drawing them in the margins of our high school math assignments. And also wrote about them in first person interacting with Jenifer in our earliest failed attempts at writing stories.

Self Image

Gesedege is also known as Grass Dog or Ian Robertson, and they spent most of our late teens through mid thirties fronting and helping us to present to the world as if we were an adult male. They are quite relieved to not have to do that anymore, but their sense of self is still a strong part of who we see ourselves to be.

Together with Brenna and Fenmere, they make up a large part of how our oldest friends see us.

Gesedege switches between seeing themselves as a bearded human with a long coat and hat, and a dragon as depicted in the portrait above, with the full compliment of wings, tail, horns, fiery breath, and everything. Post transition, they have been focusing more on their draconic form.


Gesedege is the romantic partner of Brenna, and works closely with her, Eh, and Fenmere to create any of our artwork. They also work with Jonathan the 'Hamster to do professional grade graphic design, and both Jonathan and Fenmere as sales reps when we hold a booth at conventions and fairs.


Gesedege as been a star along with Brenna in Harmless Free Radicals and Epic of Sally, but is involved in anything we do that needs pencil work or layout and prepress work.