The Bridge Crew

From The Inmara

Whenever we refer to "the Bridge Crew" we mean the group of system members who are coconscious and readily available to switch into or share the front (the pilot's seat of our body).

What other systems may refer to as "the front room" we refer to as the Bridge, as for us it often tends to resemble the bridge of a sea going or space vessel, often similar to that of a Galaxy Class Starship from Star Trek, depending on who is on the Bridge Crew at the time.

The Bridge Crew tends to consist of four to six Senior Officers, one of the Captains, and an ever rotating support staff of Liaisons. Usually, two of the Senior Officers will tag team the front, sometimes the acting Captain will do so as well, particularly in times of crisis.

Under severe duress, dissociation will cause everyone but one system member to be shut out of the Bridge. In these circumstances, we will tend to experience high levels of amnesia, identity confusion, and other dysfunction.

Most of the time, however, our Bridge Crew is highly cooperative and tends to be more focused on external stimuli rather than internal. We can spend many hours and sometimes days unaware of who all is present on the Bridge. Given a few minutes and some effort, however, we can usually do a role call.