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Portrait of Ink, done as a sketch for a possible tattoo

Ink is one of the Girls, nestled in almost directly behind Fenmere, right next to Jenifer and near Phage. When we first wrote about her we described her as the imaginary friend of Jenifer in a short story about the both of them. It seems pretty clearly to us that that story was something we wrote to help Ink explore life as herself and become more of her own person.

Role in the System

Ink's Art is Wonder. She is who comes forward to look at old things as if they are completely new. This is a particularly useful skill when writing fiction for characters who are young or inexperienced in something, but also for examining things for perspectives that we may not have considered yet. Because of this and her apparent origins, we also see her as the system's child, our baby. All but three of us are children of someone else in the system, of course, but Ink is sort of our emotional epitome of that role.

She's also a pretty good writer in her own right, as that was the first outworld skill she practiced whenever she came forward to write her story.

Earliest Memories

Ink may be older than her debut story, but her clearest early memories are of writing for that story, where she took over and wrote in first person for the entire work.

For about a year before writing that story, we drew pictures of her and Jenifer, learning about who she was and daydreaming about the story we would write.

Self Image

Ink sees herself as a fuzzy little wyvern, about two feet in length, made entirely of darkness. This body image is very strong for her, and when she fronts it remains in place, superimposed over our own body for the entire time she is present. Her body language reflects this.

She loves learning new things and exploring the world as herself. However, the differences between who and what she is and our body and our collective place in the outworld are typically too much for her to endure most of the time, and she doesn't know how to feel about interacting with outworld people. She spends a great deal of her time inworld keeping Jenifer company and playing with her.


Ink's closest relationships are with Jenifer, Phage, and Fenmere, but she has also been growing closer to Eh as the two have begun to interact more.


Ink appears in her original story, originally titled "Walking Black Water" and tentatively titled "The Life of Ink", and also plays a prominent role in Harmless Free Radicals and The Epic of Sally Robertson.