The Epic of Sally Robertson

From The Inmara
Title page of the first issue of the Epic of Sally Robertson

Originally titled "Stuck in Jam", the Epic of Sally Robertson is a graphic novel meant to explain and wrap up the overall story arc of Harmless Free Radicals. It can be read at


It follows the story of Sally Robertson, 11 year old daughter of Ian and Brenna Robertson, the original first two heroes of Harmless Free Radicals, after they've married and moved out of Fairport, slightly north, to the town of Jam, Washington.

It starts on the first day of school for Sally in 5th grade, after a summer in which her parents went on a mission with the Harmless Free Radicals to the land of Fomoria and returned with an adopted son named Carl who is part goatfish. Sally is already in the routine of looking after her weird adopted brother, and is ambivalent about introducing him to her class. She also must face bullying from two other girls in her class, and really just wants to enjoy science club with her best friend, Marshal.

After a rough day in school, their parents go to band practice while Jenifer babysits Sally, Marshal, and Carl. And by this point, Sally is already becoming more aware of and more frustrated by the magical and whimsical world around her, with Carl's changeling goatfish nature nearly being the last straw.

The rest of the story is planned out and ends with a big reveal about the world and about Sally's own existence. However, we've stopped writing it in part because our own life rapidly moved on at that point, and also because we found that we'd worked a couple of problematic, racist tropes into the story that we can't yet figure out how to dismantle appropriately.