Anne the Dragon

From The Inmara
Cartoon of Anne the Dragon (she/her) with Anne the Girl (she/her)

There are two Annes that we know of. Anne the Dragon is one of the Dragons and lives right in the middle of right side of our consciousness. She is slightly younger than her sister Anne the Girl, and largely exists because people kept calling us Anne when none of the Girls were available. We tend to refer to either of them as simply Anne, unless they need to be differentiated. From here on in this page, "Anne" alone will refer to Anne the Dragon.

Like most of the Dragons who are Senior Officers and Captains, Anne has a very strong draconic body map and regularly experiences a phantom tail, wings, and horns while fronting. She is not bothered by this discrepancy, and is otherwise reasonably at home in our body, though. We consider this kind of body map to be an inworld body map, as opposed to a gender/sex/biological body map. Which is to say, it comes from imagining herself as having a draconic form while inworld, rather than from hormone influenced neurological development as a child.

We don't know a lot about Anne other than this, as she is dedicated to her role as answering to her name and coordinating with Anne the Girl to maintain a continuity of memories and skills between the two of them.

When playing any game of cards, we tend to do best at counting cards and strategy when Anne the Dragon is fronting and Anne the Girl is coconscious. When they are not working as a team, we tend to do very badly. This may hold clues as to what each of their special Arts are.