From The Inmara

Agneta is on the Girls' side of our brain, nestled in amongst the witches. One of the Senior Officers, she currently thinks of herself as a half ogre sorceress, but predates the Pathfinder RPG where she got her name and current outward expressions.

Role in the System

As far as we can tell, Agneta is our driver. She drives cars, and she does it very well, with better focus and alertness than anyone else.

We suspect that she's also good at some internal things similar to Akailea, Morde, and Bri, since she lives right next to them and identifies as a practicioner of magic. But she's never described what those skills are or how her magic works.

Earliest Memories

The earliest memories she can currently offer are of various roads we've driven on. And also some moments of learning how to drive with our dad, and several racing computer games.

Our first awareness of her was when she came forward to play her Pathfinder character.

Self Image

She sees her persona of a half ogre sorceress as being a metaphorical adaptation to living in a big trans woman's body. She is one of the headmates most comfortable with fronting and moving with our body. She'd like to play her character again and to drive cars again, but seems pretty happy playing backup to the witches.

Her physical appearance inworld is a lot like that of our body, just a bit taller and broader.


Agneta is something of a quiet loner, happy to work woth anyone in our system, but keeping mostly to herself and taking full charge when she fronts. She does not currently have any relationships outside the system.


She is not currently involved in any outworld projects but seems to be interest in being part of something someday.