From The Inmara

William is one of the Dragons and resides in the furthest right position in our consciousness. They've been around for a while, but didn't show and name themselves until sometime in 2017, when they first appeared as a very angry and very large presence, unhappy about something. We have not yet learned what they were angry about at the time, but they have become much happier since coming forward and working out their identity.

Role in the System

We don't really know much about William except that they are named after our Grandfather and our Dad, and relate very strongly to hares, including Bugs Bunny. They are not a liaison for anybody or anything that we know of. We do get the general feeling that they are a representative of our link to our father's side of the family.

Earliest Memories

Our earliest memories of William are from when they emerged into our consciousness in 2017. We may have encountered them before that time, but we didn't know their identity if we have.

They also have not fronted long enough or frequently to share any of their memories. When they front they tend to focus on the here and now and on exploring their identity and sense of self in the moment.

Self Image

When William first emerged, they appeared as a dump truck sized white tailed hare, and they had difficulty fronting because they could not imagine their immense girth inhabiting our tiny to them body. They gave us the sensation of superimposing their left foreleg with out body and the emotion of frustration.

Eventually, they figured out how to relate to our body and front fully. When they do that, the body map they superimpose over our physical form is that of a femme anthropomorphic cartoon hare, sort of a 5'11" mix of Bugs Bunny and Jessica Rabbit. And their speaking patterns and inflections are distinctly feminine, but not in an exaggerated way.


William is reclusive and not all that interested in developing bonds or friendships outside of a general sense of trust with certain system members and a sense of kinship with our outworld family. They do seem particularly comfortable with the Bridge Crew who helped them come forward, which included Eh and Fenmere, notably.


William is not yet included in any of our outworld projects, besides occasionally being the subject of a sketch. However, we keep having thoughts of creating something for them, but those thoughts may not be coming from William. Until they come forward with the explicit intent of doing something, we will not force it.