From The Inmara

HFR stands for Harmless Free Radicals, and within our system they are a group that is dedicated to solving problems and helping distressed system members. Often this involves confronting and engaging with members who are causing distress.

Membership in the HFR is voluntary, and the methods used by its members are more akin to behavioral health therapy and comedy than to police work or worse. However, they are not averse to literally sky diving into a serial killer themed nightmare to forcefully round up a rampant id monster and lecture it about consent and its role in the system.

The name originated from a group in our original role playing game of the Sunspot Chronicles and was used as the title for our most well known webcomic.

We use the name Harmless Free Radicals, then, as both the name of our overarching outworld operations, the hub of everything we do, and as the name of what we consider the closest thing to an armed forces for us. We sometimes append "the HFR" to our legal name as a means to refer to our vessel, much like "the HMS Bounty" or "the USS Enterprise".

We don't know who all is a member of the HFR, but the original cast of the comic do make up its senior members: