Generational plural system

From The Inmara

"Generational" is term that we have coined to mean a plural system that is characterized by its continued growth and the presence of generations within its population of system members.

A "plural system" is a group of consciousnesses that share one body. Often referred to as a "system" for short. Related diagnoses for systems that are in distress are DID and OSDD. Not all systems consider themselves disordered, however. We prefer to use the terms neurotype and neurodivergent or neuroatypical to describe plurality.

For example, we the Inmara are a generational system because we have a growth rate of roughly 220 new headmates a day, and we have at least three generations of system members, with Jenifer and Eh being the first generation, the Ktletaccete being the children of them, and the Liaisons being the children of one of the Ktletaccete, Akailea.