Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera

From The Inmara
  • Inmara - /in-maɹa/ (Mäofrräo) proper noun, the Alliance of all.
  • Ktletaccete - /qʟɛ-ta-tʃɛ-te/ (Fenekere) proper noun, the Children of Eh.
  • Fenumera - /fɛ-nu-mɛ-ɹa/ (Fenekere) adj, of or belonging to an act of Fenemere, the Poet. In this casing meaning, "facilitated by Fenemere's art"

In 2014, we finally found the resources we needed to learn how to construct our own languages, a project we'd wanted to partake in since childhood.

We created two languages, Mäofrräo and Fenekere, for use in the mythology we'd created for the background of our comics and novels (a mythology that we also felt compelled to take seriously, however fictional). It turns out that that mythology metaphorically described the origins and development of our system.

Once we came out as trans, we started to really struggle with names and pronouns, with the appropriate ones shifting regularly. It was something we'd experienced to a lesser degree in our twenties, but now it was more intense and tangled up in our feelings of dysphoria.

Eventually this lead us to realize we were plural. But it turns out that we don't have a consistent host, nor an original system member. We were born plural, and we need egalitarianism for our system health.

Then the problem became trying to find a name that we could all identify with, that people could call us without having to ask who is fronting.

We searched English for group words that might feel right, and spent half a year doing so, branching out onto Scottish Gaelic and German for possibilities (due to our family origins). Unfortunately everything we found didn't sound enough like it belonged to us.

It would have been cool to be named something like Susseration, and we'll be jealous of anyone bold enough to take that name, but it's just not us.

So, then, one of us was like, "hey, we have these languages that we made to describe our origins, why don't we use them!"

So, Ktletaccete comes from our first language. In the mythology, the Ktletaccete are the Dragons of the Arts, a group of immortal beings who each specialize in their own Art. And they are all children of Eh. We are, at our core, the system of the Ktletaccete.

But as in the mythology, there are members of our system who are not Ktletaccete. There are members who identify as outsiders, or walk-ins as other systems call them. And there are the children of the Ktletaccete, our liaisons.

In the mythology, there comes a time when the disparate groups of the world, Ktletaccete, Outsiders, and mortal humans, form an alliance. And to honor the Outsiders, who are a minority of refugees from a chaotic universe, the alliance is named using a word from their dominant language, Mäoffrräo. Using the roots of the language, we put the word Inmara together, which literally means, "a complexly associated group of groups".

So, the core of our name means "The Great Alliance of the Children of Eh."

Finally, this didn't feel complete. It just didn't feel right, like something was missing.

After a lot of experimenting, one of us suggested that we might credit Fenmere for her work in helping us to come out and to unify as a system. In fact, the Inmara was chiefly her idea. So we appended Fenumera as our last name, making Ktletaccete our middle name. And that felt right. The resultant figurative translation would then be, "Fenmere's Great Alliance of the Children of Eh." (The literal translation is "The Great Alliance of the Children of Eh because of Fenmere's acts")

We changed it on our social media accounts to see how we felt with it, and it brought feelings of peace and satisfaction from all quarters of the system. So this is what we are going with for now.