Anne the Girl

From The Inmara
Portrait of Anne the Girl (she/her)

There are two Annes that we know of. Anne the Girl is one of the Girls and on the left-most side of our consciousness, and is the wife of Eh. The other is Anne the Dragon, who lives right on the middle of the Dragons. We tend to refer to either of them as simply Anne, unless they need to be differentiated. From here on in this page, "Anne" alone will refer to Anne the Girl.

We think Anne the Girl is actually only a few years old, having been generated specifically to represent the entire Girls' side of our psyche to the rest of the system a year or so before we came out to ourselves as trans. She surfaced fully and received her name on the night we came out to our family.

That night, we woke ourselves up by a conversation between Gesedege and Anne where both of them were using our mouth to talk out loud.

We immediately recognized this bizarre experience as an expression of plurality and erroneously thought that we were on the verge of becoming plural. We had the idea that being plural would put our transition at risk, so we decided to "not be plural" and attempt to integrate what we perceived as our two halves through willpower alone.

This, of course, did not work. And we spent the following year switching between dragon and girl as genders every three months until we accepted our plurality and came out to ourselves about it.

At that point, Anne was still representing all of the Girls and was being supported with memories from them being coconscious with her. So, initially we had thought that she was our original Girl.

But as more and more Girls surfaced and identified themselves, Anne had fewer memories that she could claim as her own.

Still, she and Eh had fallen in love with each other over the course of our transition and in sharing responsibilities while fronting and coconscious. And they both decided to get married, as a way to dedicate their partnership toward keeping our system unified as a cooperative family.

On January 20th, 2017, we had a ceremony officiated by Fenmere to celebrate and witness this union. And we consider this to also be the anniversary of all the other marriages in our system, all of which seem tp be between Dragon and Girl.

Anne now spends most of her time inworld, letting more experienced Senior Officers front, however, she still comes forward occasionally to act as Captain of the Girls. On special occasions, she cofronts with Eh to enjoy romantic moments together while conscious.