The Hole in the Sky

From The Inmara

The Hole in the Sky is our name for one of our two Gateways.

The name comes from our fictional mythology that metaphorically refers to it, The Mythos of the Ktletaccete. Its counterpart is The Abyss, which is not represented in that mythology, and appears to be closed. The Hole in the Sky is open and it should be possible for entities to exit and enter through it, though it seems that Phage is controlling it and preventing unsolicited travel.

We perceive that Phage entered our psyche through the Hole in the Sky when we invited it in at two and a half years old, and that the twelve other Outsiders in our system have come through it as well.

We don't know much about it. We don't know why it is there, though many of us theorize it is a standard structure of any psyche. And we don't know exactly what it beyond it, though Phage thinks of it as "the rest of the universe".

Phage perceives the Outside as "a chaos of crystals" or "crystalline chaos".

Webs, another Outsider, described it as a starry plane of intense cold and loneliness.

Pike, the third Outsider we have identified, could only bring up memories of "a path forward", which is what it perceives of its entire existence, life trajectory, and sense of self, inside and outside or system.

In relation to our body, we perceive the Hole in the Sky to correspond with the middle of our back, right between our shoulder blades. In relation to our inworld, we perceive it as above us. In contrast, we perceive the Abyss as in the middle of our body (close to our stomach), and to be the very bottom of our inworld or psyche.